My good friend’s brother runs a DJ service called “Burnt Toast Entertainment” and she commissioned me for a present for him that he could use for his business. I suggested stickers of a character based on his business name and personality. I gave her three choices of different directions and she picked number 3. When looking at an inking of the character it sparked some ideas about his favorite shoes and she sent over a picture so I could make the character look more like him. She then told me he is a huge gamer and loves the Legend of Zelda. With that amazing reference I added in his big red beard and the checkered vans with a Triforce Logo. I then coached her on how to get stickers printed and gave her a mock-up of what the sticker would look like. This was a very fun job to complete and she was super stoked on the final results.


Illustration, Design, Marketing, Promotional, Branding

Burnt Toast Entertainment

Illustrator, Designer

November 5, 2019

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