DAvo Deth - Featured Artist

“I’m a Texas Based Artist and Illustrator. At the age of 5 I drew my first Looney Tunes characters and was hooked. I spent my formative years as a punk drifter and am heavily inspired by 90’s alt rock imagery.  I’m also really into brush inking and traditional comic book style. My art is Bold Outlines surrounding Vivid Colors.
Commission Status: OPEN

Character Design

Looking for a new character or mascot? Let’s invent a whole new creature or object packed with personality!


Bringing your ideas to life in a fun, whimsical way. Perfect for advertisement or showing concepts visually.


How about a canvas painting of your favorite character? Hit me up to get a perfectly hand-painted piece of wall art!

King of the Hill Pop Art

Larry’s Birthday

20’s New Year’s Party Felix Painting

Burnt Toast Entertainment

Monkeys Five Rules Poster

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